sábado, 7 de novembro de 2009


«Look! Jumping!»

the pinata that used slashes

«I've developed a terrible habit from my post titles of using very confusing and personal inside jokes for everything I write, including schoolwork. I had to write a story and the majority of the dialogue was inside jokes with Karl. I, of course, crack up while reading them out loud to the class while my peers stared on as if I was TOTALLY CRAZY! Can you imagine anyone thinking that?!! Ahem, ANYWAY.

Sometimes this is a good thing, however. The person that sits next to me in writing asked for a Japanese name and made me assure that Yohji Yamamoto wasn't an existing person and that I had made it up. So now there's a story about Yohji Yamamoto being a ninja that beats up accountants. I always knew it was his destiny!»

Esta miúda não pode ser verdade!

2 comentários:

  1. Inteiramente de acordo, David.
    Descobri-a há uns dias, graças a si, e ando fascinada com o blogue dela, que tenho vindo a ler metodicamente desde o princípio.
    Obrigada :)

  2. :)

    A história do Yohji Yamamoto ninja está genial.


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